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Welcome to; the official online comic book store to purchase the critically acclaimed independent comic books series Speed Demonz by comic artist Gabriel Lamberty. Read comics online or order the collectible comic book print version to add to your rare collection. These rare graphic novels are perfect for the comic book collector with the taste for a pure action comic book series. Lamberty has comics for sale everywhere from Indy Planet to Comixology: An Amazon Company.

What Drives A Person To Race To The Death? Enter the Speed Demonz! An underground death race syndicate transforming the streets into a war zone of custom cars and weapon wielding maniacs feuding over a million dollars cash! During these hard times, it’s a prize worth fighting for. However, there are those in this contest without the desire for profit. For Shawn and Renee, they race against the Speed Demonz for something else money cannot buy…


Animation by Mario Barraza | beats by The Mystery Skulls

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